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PROCESS - change in own words

The following steps serve as guide to the stages involved in a landscape or garden design project.
The client briefing is an on-site meeting where we can discuss your aspirations for your outside space. Following this meeting and site analysis, a written brief detailing your requirements is produced and sent to you alongside a fee proposal. Once approved this brief forms the basis for the design development.
A full topographical site survey is essential as it provides the detailed information required to complete an accurate design solution. 
Following the briefing, site analysis and survey an initial outline design package is produced.  This is presented as an A3 portfolio including scaled, rendered plans and elevations, computer models, perspective drawings, and mood board images. This document conveys the design intention, but does not provide the detailed information required by a contractor to build the design.
Once the outline design has been approved, a detail drawing package is developed using a computer aided graphics package. This will include a final master plan, planting plans and detailed construction drawings. The detail package provides all the information required for a contractor to produce an accurate estimate and to build the design.
The detail design drawings serve as the basis for tender. The drawings are sent to potential contractors to allow them produce a costing for assessment. Two or three contractors are contacted to receive a range of quotes.  We can recommend a number of landscape contractors who will deliver work of the highest quality.
Once a contractor has been chosen and construction commences, we can oversee the construction through to completion.  We will organise and attend regular site meetings with the contractor to ensure that the design is built to plan and finished to the highest standard. We will also be on hand to deal with any issues that may arise during the build and make revisions to the design where necessary. Construction elements can be phased if required.
We can specify, select and source all plant materials, ensuring that they arrive safely and in prime condition on site.  Planting can be a phased operation and is predominantly done in the autumn, winter and spring months in the United Kingdom.  When planting is complete, regular site visits can be arranged to ensure all plants have taken correctly and are progressing as expected.
We can produce a maintenance schedule for you to follow after project completion. The first two years are particularly important for the successful establishment of your new outside space.  If you would prefer professional help we can recommend expert maintenance teams and advise and assist in the on-going maintenance of your garden. We will remain on hand should you require any advice after the project completion.

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